Royz Stuff

Royz Race Announcing, LLC

Quality announcing for your running event

From 5K's through Marathons

Self equipped with:

  • ElectroVoice ELX200-12P powered speakers
  • ElectroVoice ELX112P powered speakers
  • Sennheiser Wireless Microphone system
  • Yamaha audio mixer
  • Honda Generator

And most importantly:

  • A Great Voice and Talent to match

Standard services I provide:

  • Pre-race registration area announcing
  • Start line announcing
  • Finish line announcing
  • Awards ceremonies announcing

And of course...

  • Any other announcements you, the customer, would want me to make.

I pride myself with providing quality work with an entertaining approach.

Races are and should always be fun. I do my part to ensure that happens.

My rates are reasonable and vary depending on the type of event.

Roy Weinberg